The validity of honesty...

     The truth is so important in all aspects of our lives. This is even illustrated when Paul writes about the belt of truth. What many people do not know is it is believed that Paul was chained to a Roman soldier when writing the book of Ephesians. As God the Holy Spirit spoke to him, he has the parallels from the physical realm right in front of his face to bring the Spiritual words to life and make them applicable. For those of you who do not know; the belt was one of the most important pieces of a soldiers uniform. Not only was it used to fasten and secure the breastplate into place; it also allowed a place for the sheath to fasten so the sword could be stored and not be constantly carried. Even more importantly than the analogy used by Paul; Jesus Himself spoke of the power of truth

     Below are a couple quotes I came across in the last few days that also speak of truth. 

"We need to be honest with others about what's going on inside us." Joyce Meyer
"If the truth will set you free, lies will entangle you. Don't tell them. Don't run with people who do." -- Donald Miller

     If you get close to someone and you see them lie to their family, friends, and whomever else; then why are we surprised when we discover they have been lying to us? Lying is not only presenting a false impression by not telling the truth. Omission of important facts can also be lies. Oftentimes tactics used to manipulate others also play a part into lies. I do not think we realize the detriment involved with lying, or if we do we eventually forget. We need to find honest individuals of integrity to live life with. Lies, when discovered, then lead to unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, etc. There is so much negative that can be birthed from even the smallest lie.  Fortunately, I lying is not a sin a really struggle with...of course I have the ones I do! I pray "Lord, help me to forgive those who sin differently than me.". (That was a tweet from Pastor Larry Brown that has stuck with me since the day he sent it out to the twitterverse)

     Another aspect of telling lies is we can drag those around us into our own storm. For example, look at Jonah when he was running from God

     I would also like to add this...I think when we go into a stormy season it is typically our first reaction to think we are being attacked by the enemy. I wonder how many of those stormy seasons are simply God trying to get our attention!? I know just recently I had two major setbacks in my life, both in less than one weeks time. Up until last night I had believed it was the enemy trying to steal, kill, and destroy my purpose for the Kingdom when I now realize it was God trying to get my attention.

     Well, I hope you followed this post. I realize there were a couple of rabbit trails HAHA


Anonymous said…
Our society is based on trust. When this trust is breached in the form of lies a person's life can be turned upside down and their feelings may be crushed. Lies are like an addictive drug; the longer you indulge in it, the harder it is to kick the habit.

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