Random juxtaposition...

just yet another random thought that I had as I was recently driving on my extended road trip to move back to Texas from Virginia...where I had spent the last 18 months of my life. We can spend billions of dollars on the war yet a much lesser amount is spent on trying to lower emissions and become a more "green" nation. (Let it be known that I am not one who believes that is a feasible to simply pull all of our troops out at this point...lol) I think that one idea (that would cost a pretty penny) would be to build a mass transit system upgrading our traditional railroad system. It would be run on solar power and used to transport goods as opposed to all of the tractor trailers that are currently on the roadways clogging traffic, obstructing distant views of would be "defensive drivers", pumping out incredibly large amounts of emissions, etc. ( I could go on and on as to the damage being done on an hourly basis by our current transport system. Now I know if any truckers happen to stumble across this post, they will be saying, "HEY! What about my job?" Well I think it should be mandatory that existing trucking companies buy in and partake in this transformation and guarantee all truckers new jobs at these stations with training included. If they choose to not accept the new job then that would fall on them. Sure this would all costs millions and/or billions of dollars to design, implement, and get off the ground...but can we truly put a price on cleaning up the environment? Besides imagine all of the added free space on the freeway system for idiotic drivers! I personally see this as a win-win for everyone...of course that is only my opinion and something thought up while on a long road trip with no one to talk to...lol.

Well enough of me on my soapbox this early on a Saturday while I am sure many of my friends are still in a state of REM. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy your weekend!


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