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well I have been reading my friend Amanda's LJ journal for a very long time now and just found another to indulge upon today. Thus U have decided that I will finally begin to post in I could be mistaken but Amber may be the only person that even knows that I am on LJ. Due to the aforementioned I would bet that I could potentially be writing this for me, myself, and

For those of you that do not know I am literally laughing out loud because I find this ridiculous, but I will continue. OK for those that do not know me I was born and raise din TX, moved to OK for four years, then back to TX, then to CA....from there I went to VA and I am now back in TX in the Dallas/Fort worth area. I have been to or driven through all southern states with exception to North and South Carolina. I had intended to drive through them when moving back to TX earlier this month but decided I wanted to take the shortest/fastest route.

Since moving back here I have began to establish good habits and stop bad ones. I have quit smoking, in comparison with the last decade of my life I pretty much quit, I am riding my bike, doing yoga several times a week, easing my way back into kick-boxing, strength training, and will be beginning rock climbing starting tomorrow. In just the last two weeks I have seen dramatic results and feel much better than I have in two to three years.

Well that is all for now, it will take some getting used to in writing a blog (or LJ journal whatever you want to call it) without having this feeling of being I need to get back to job hunting and sending out my resume anyway!


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