Placenta to the excision of training wheels...

Whereas most individuals would put this as their first post, well my abnormal self decided to do it

On Christmas Eve of 1975 I decided to join this wonderful world and was born in Amarillo, TX. This caused my mother to miss Christmas (Or at least spend it in the hospital); mothers were in hospitals longer than they are now for you young whippersnappers that are perplexed. I am hoping that my arrival was enough to assuage that fact. I know that my impeccable timing was propitious for everyone else in my life whereas they would only have to buy me one gift annually if they so chose...LOL.

I will now have to fast forward to the age of three whereas I do not remember much between birth and three. I need to bust out the reel-to-reel and I might learn something! Anyway, I digress, at the age of three my father, mother, older sister, and I relocated to Midland, TX. If you do not know where Midland is or have never heard of it then go to your local BlockBuster and pick up (or log into your NetFlix account and add the following to your queue) "Friday Night Lights". Is it here that I begin to have more fully functional memories...too bad I have forgotten many of them now.

In kindergarten I remember drawing, coloring, having a crush on one of my Somewhere between three and five I remember getting my first bicycle and that was good times. I then remember the day that my training wheels were removed. I was father promised to not let go of the back of my seat. Well after a few yards of peddling down the street out of the cul-de-sac I spent my child hood he decided to abscond However, it was not until I had realized that he had done so when trepidation kicked in and I then fell, which of course led to genial cheering. Back to the was a great way to grow up. It was closed off so traffic was minimal (aside from the impatient ones that thought they were taking a shortcut to avoid traffic). This little cul-de-sac would be the place that I called home for the next seven years of my life in addition to the previous three that I had been there.

To Be Continued...


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