Many of you know since I moved back to Texas that I have been quite active. But, now I lie here in bed this evening happy to have finally got a job I am in an immense amount of pain. In my attempt to get my life going back in the direction I was headed two to three years ago I have gotten highly involved in cardio (at the gym in the morning), yoga several times a week, my new found love of rock climbing, volleyball, tennis, etc. Oh! But the comes from my new found Sunday game of football. Four Sundays in a row now....and every Monday I am I strained my left quadriceps three weeks ago. It is always feeling better by the following Sunday so of course I go back out and play again. Dumb move. Then last Sunday (not yesterday) we played at the local college. Well the campus does not have a field; not a football field (or even sports field for that matter) but a barren field of hard packed clay and random prickly weeds. So with me thinking I am some super athlete I run and dive and smash my right knee on this wonderfully hard packed clay. I still feel the pain and that was well over a week ago.

Many of you may ask why I continue to play such a violent sport if it cause me such pain. is flag football...LMAO


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