Escaping nonage...

Having been raised in church and having that good foundation to fall back on in times of need was truly helpful to me throughout life. Many that know me would never know that I was raised in church and at one point in my life was very actively involved and those that I did tell this too likely found it to be spurious.

Years of introspection have led me to want to return to church and get more involved. Well, that time has finally arrived. As stated in previous posts I moved back to TX on March 1st of this year. On March 8th my mother invited me to her church. It was incredible...whereas I have been to church a few times in the last decade I never truly felt at "home" when I went...until now.

Less than a month later I have since joined the church and a "home group" for singles. Tonight was the first meeting of the "home group" and I am very glad that I will now be a part of it. I was able to meet and associate with some great people that I know will lead to some great long lasting friendships.

With all of that being said it is finally time in my life in many different areas (as previously posted) that I "grow up".

Just thought I would share that to all the millions that come by and read my blog daily...LOL *still not sure if anyone knows this thing exists*


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