Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is occasionally an acerbic journey...

     This life can be so difficult at times. You can be having an incredible day and then one phone call, event, occurrence, etc. can change it all. I try so hard at times to be better and I feel that over the last four months I continue to falter in so many areas. Up until the last week or two I have felt I was regressing in my Spiritual journey. When all in all I believe the truth is I was trying to head in a direction ahead of God's timing. I believe it is a "future through street". Is it frustrating, difficult, even painful? Absolutely. 

     If you are one of the two or three people that actually read my blog; please be praying for me to have the strength to glorify Him in all I do and say. I am scratching and clawing to get back to the Spiritual heights I have reached over the last couple years. And honestly I am probably being hard on myself. Maybe I simply need to forgive myself for sin in my life.

     Pray for the relationships in my life that God give me peace, patience, wisdom, and strength to be the Godly man I need to be to exhort and encourage everyone within my circle of influence as it broadens in 2012. 

     Pray that as insecurities are being dug up and God is getting to the roots that I truly surrender them to Him so they can be addressed and removed from my life. 
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