Happy Blogoversary

     What does that even mean? Well, it means that four years ago on this day I wrote my first blog posting ever. Going back and reading that last night was interesting to say the least.

     I referenced my time in middle school and high school as "...some of the best years of my life." and my move to California "...was the best move I had made...", and even my time in Virginia had its postives whereas I "...minimized smoking, drinking, and eating out.".

     Reading that was highly  encouraging. Realizing how far I have come. I was far from living a healthy lifestyle at that time period of my life physically, emotionally, psychologically, or Spiritually. At that time I was scared, confused, and alone. It was before I discovered Andrew, the greatest gift God has ever given me. A time when I knew little of how to be a good friend, son, brother, father, boyfriend, etc. (Which by the way is an area I still have a long way to go in)

     The funny thing about coming across my own blog post from four years ago is that here I thought I was in a "rough" season...and in a sense I am. However, reflecting back I realize just how far I have come in all areas my life since then. My response back then would have been to drink; I drank at least a bottle of Patron every weekend (usually more). I would smoke cigarettes to reduce my stress; HAHAHA how ironic being they load you with toxins which stress the body, I would go out and have sex; with someone I knew or go to a bar to find a stranger; I would do drugs; attempting to numb the pain. Regardless I now see the growth.

     Now I pray, praise, worship, read the Word, call friends to discuss my problems, go seek counsel from one wiser than myself, go to the gym, run...just to name a few. Of course I stumble here and there. I do not want to make myself sound all righteous. Just interesting to see where God has brought me over the last four years. It actually stirs my faith and gets me excited for what 2012 (and beyond) will bring.

     So sorry to disappoint I guess this post was more for me than anyone else on this four year Blogoversary of mine.


amy said…
:) I'm glad you're where you are now.

I saw you on the Seven video tonight - you're famous!
ImNoBetterThanU said…
HAHA I did not even realize I was in that commercial until it aired. Then Mark Anthony advised me I am in two videos on the Equip page on the website LOL

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