Incarceration... (Part two) -- PARADIGM SHIFT

     If you read yesterdays post (Incarceration... (Part One)) then the photo above may look familiar to you only with a different perspective. A broader view of the events. Yesterday showed a young boy looking down as though he were possibly sad, scared, even disappointed. Honestly, it was how I had oftentimes felt the last few weeks until yesterday afternoon/evening. I felt trapped in a cage as though my Spiritual and emotional growth had been put on pause. Realistically I do not have "prison bars" around me; rather I have a hedge of protection.

     You see I took these photos a little over a year ago when I was out in California to visit my son Andrew.  I sat watching this father and his son for over a half hour. The young boy would shout out, "Daddy! Get more sticks daddy. Make it better!". Honestly I was in tears majority of the time wishing, hoping, dreaming it could have been me and my son. But I digress...

     How often do we pray for protection or favor? Crying out to God, "Daddy! Keep me safe and secure, make it bigger and stronger!". Then when God provides just that as our heavenly Father when it does not look like we though it would we begin to change our thoughts.We view the situation and focus on what we do not have or what we cannot do. Why is this? How do I so easily forget?

     Just as this photo exhibits a father carefully watching over his son after having built a fort upon his son's request; so does our great God do the same for us. So next time you begin to feel life is crashing down around you try to focus on the good. Step back and look at the big picture.

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