The apathetic cultivation of wisdom...

     I believe at times (well I know for me anyways) we gain wisdom from experience yet we fail to apply that wisdom to our lives. This results in us making the same mistakes or going down the same roads we have gone down time and time again. Even if it is a road we must frequent we should learn the road and be able to avoid the ditches or any other form of an accident. God speaks to me often through regular physical things on this earth. He created the world so does it not make sense that there are specific parallels with this physical realm and the Spiritual?

     Saturday evening I went with a friend to get food and when we got back to the house we realized the order was incorrect. I drove back to the establishment to right the wrong. During this drive I was having a conversation with Jesus when He began to speak to me about being a doer (James 1:23). Through my life I have experienced many things and learned tons of valuable lessons. However for decades I would repeatedly make the same mistakes. The difference now is I have more wisdom; heavenly wisdom. Wisdom from the Father. This wisdom comes from the Word and acts as a light (Psalm 119:105). So whereas I would stumble in the past I no longer have a reason stumble over the same obstructions that held me in bondage for so many years. I have a light and whereas I live in a world of darkness I no longer blindly walk through the darkness. I have been given a lamp and a gift so I too can be a light.

     As I was driving (and as you can see above) the light only extends so far in front of me. Now I have been down this road several times so there is some familiarity with it. In this case the familiarity symbolizes wisdom. So I apply that wisdom which allows me to more boldly drive this road and not be concerned or fearful of what lies ahead. If I were on a dark, country road for the first time I would be more cautious whereas I am unsure of where the hills and turns are. So we should be more cautious (but not fearful) when we are venturing into a new season. During this time we should use discernment and always keep an open line of communication with God so as to do His will. I like the symbolism God spoke to me as well of how the light only shines so far. Beyond the light is darkness which allows us to practice faith in that we have no idea what lies beyond. Now what would happen if we simply drove recklessly down these roads even though we have been down them before? Speeding around turns and over blind hills. That would be the opposite of applying our wisdom which is what I believe many of us do in life.

     So how are you applying wisdom to life and the paths you walk down? Are you tripping over the same stones as before or do you use the light and step over them? Are you consistently reading the Word which will strengthen your light?


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