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     So last Thursday kicked off the Alpha Summit 2012 at Gateway Church. To me, personally, this is more than just an annual conference. I was raised in the church and was on fire as a youth. I went to Peru doing missions and was all about sharing the gospel message and introducing others to Christ our Lord. Then as much a cliché as it is; I went wayward as the prodigal son had centuries before me. However, it was on May 15, 2009 (during the first Alpha Summit conference) when Pastor Robert Morris spoke, that I surrendered my life to the Lord. I decided that evening to stop smoking, stop living out actions of sexual immorality, surrender my pride, and die to self. It was the most important evening of the last fifteen years of my life. I have grown much since then and fallen at times as well.

     In the last couple weeks I have picked myself up and brushed myself of and I am on the journey once again. Then came Alpha Summit. An anniversary or birthday even of the day I surrendered my life back to my creator (even though it was moved up to February I still count it). I have been crying out to God and in the last two to three weeks He has been bringing Godly men into my life...a band of brothers to walk with me. I previously had several guys I was open, honest, and fully transparent with and we were walking life out together. Then one was called by God to move to Colorado, another to go to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, others were simply a case of scheduling conflicts whereas we all have busy lives between work, ministry, etc. Regardless, I was wondering through life without that close knit support group I once had. I was not replacing these men of God with others as life and change occurred. This is yet another reason why I was so looking forward to this conference whereas I was in need of being filled up; I was tired of running on empty.

     Thursday night of the conference Tim Ross kicked things off and went straight in Psalm 101; which I will now forevermore call The Guide to Manhood 101. Just as Tim stated, these eight verses in Psalm 101 are very concise in how we can live lives of integrity and be mighty men of God. I would encourage you to read this chapter and study it in depth. Meditate on it yourself and see what God tells you about it all. There are many points in this chapter and I am sure they will mean different things to different men and different things at different seasons in our lives. A few points that stood out to me at this point in my life are as follows:

  • Continuously praise our God for who He is and His love for us. (Praise & Worship) 
  • Behave the same at home or when no one is looking as you do at church, work, etc. (Integrity)
  • Protect the windows to your soul and what enters. (Entertainment, conversations, etc.)
  • Eliminate unhealthy relationships whether emotionally, Spiritually, etc. (Guard your heart)
  • Surround yourself with other of integrity and greatness. (Birds of a feather)
     Those are just a few points that stood out to me. Again I encourage read, study, meditate on this chapter and see what God speaks to you. If you instill the points in this chapter to your life it will lead to good fruit in all areas. God's ways work. 


Amy said…
There it is! I've been waiting to see what you would write after AlphaSummit.

It is so exciting to see you back on track and burning for Him, and it's encouraging to see you and other men stepping up into their God-given roles. Very very very encouraging. :)

Thank you as always for sharing your journey so honestly and openly.

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