Gregarious errors...

     So yesterday after church I checked my phone to discover a text from a friend who was very near and asked to meet for coffee. I called and we worked out the details to meet at a nearby Starbucks. It was a great time of fellowship and I got to meet someone new as well! However, this time of fellowship was gregarious victory and not an error, so on to the point.

     As we were walking out there was a woman standing outside her vehicle with arms full of several coffee travelers and pastries. She said, "I could use a good deed about now!" I responded by running over to assist her by first getting the door, except it was locked. I took a coffee traveler from her so she could get to her keys. She proceeded to unlock her vehicle and I opened the door. At that moment a woman came out of Starbucks saying, "That is my car! That is my car!" I turned thinking it was a friend of the woman I was assisting and she just could not see her friend. But, again she said "That is my car!" growing a bit disgruntled. In that moment the woman I was assisting realized we were in fact at the wrong vehicle. We both apologized and walked over to the correct vehicle. I helped her get everything in and then she went on her way. I then went and said my goodbyes to my friend and my new friend.

     As I walked back to my car I was asking God what that whole occurrence was about. I am trying to be better about listening to God lately. I know every moment of every day God can speak to us through every circumstance if we only listen. I was praying in the Spirit and asking God, but I was getting nothing. I just let it go whereas I know God deposits a lot of what He wants us to absorb while we are sleeping. He will seal up things He has previously deposited in our hearts. That is why sometimes when we are speaking to someone and we begin ministering we say things and do not know where they came from! The Spirit sealed those things in our heart, oftentimes while we were sleeping. OK OK as a common occurrence in my posts I digress...

     Last night as I drove home God began to speak to me about the previous situation. He pointed out how throughout a Spiritual journeys in life there will come times when we stop to enjoy where we are and reap the benefits from a place of rest. God places people in our lives intentionally and it is our job to steward those relationships in Godly ways. However, we cannot jump ship from our journey and jump in theirs. We are all at different places in our journeys. Sometimes when we stop for rest we get into the vehicle of one the other individuals. In other words we hastily put all of our hearts into the relationship with that individual regardless of what level it is. The problem being they may have a different route, be traveling at a different speed, have more or less stops along the way, or any other difference in their journey that will greatly impact our own. I am not saying you cannot be in relationship with these individuals, just do not hop in their vehicle and leave yours behind. In time as you build upon the relationship with that person, you may merge onto the same freeway and your journeys be aligned.

     I recently jumped into the vehicle of someone God brought into my life. Hastily I might add. I then progressed to act in ways which were not Godly. As a result the relationship disintegrated, whereas disobedience always leads to consequences. More than the loss of a good friend I am more concerned with the poor witness I presented as a result of my actions (or lack thereof). I struggled tremendously with guilt of how I could have hurt the relationship this individual has with our heavenly father. I have since released it to God whereas He is the only one ultimately controlling it all. I pray daily for this individual in hopes they press into God and not allow my poor stewardship of our friendship to push them away from Him.

     The great news is as I have been running to Him the last few weeks. As a result He has covered me with His love. Whereas one person is pushing me out of their life, God has rekindled an old relationship with some individuals I have missed tremendously the last few months. He has also brought some new individuals into my life the last few weeks. He has also blessed me with not just one, but three Godly mentors. Godly mentors are something I have been lacking for a long time. The best part of it all is every one of these people speaks life into me and exhorts me. Anytime I leave from spending time with them, get off the phone, or even read a text I received from them I feel so encouraged.

     I am on foot right now walking back to where I got out of my vehicle, but the point is what God is showing me along the way. More importantly, I am heading in the right direction. Our God is so great that He never leaves our side, even when we do things outside His will. (Psalm 139:7-10) This was yet another valuable lesson I have learned. Due to the consequences I have suffered I hope to never repeat this error again. We should move beyond basics and progress to maturity. (Hebrews 6:1) I allowed my sociable personality to lead me rather than God and I then allowed my emotions to have more control than necessary. I am grateful for God's grace though.

     I do not know if any of this makes sense, but I feel better having written about it HAHA


Amy said…
One thing that really jumped out at me - the key fit the wrong car.

Reminds me that Satan constantly manufactures evidence to try to get us to believe a lie. That we're in the right place, the wrong place, heard this, etc.

You've posted a few times about fear of losing a friend through your actions. If it's a relationship God wants in your life, He will restore it. If it's not, be thankful that he won't.

Your cyber-friend,
Amy :)
amy said…
I've been thinking about this car analogy a lot...I love it. You may feel like you're walking back to your car, but He brought it to pick you up!

This song reminded me of your blog. For King and Country:

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