The lover of my soul...

     So the last couple weeks had been difficult for me. I felt a lot of pain and heartache. But God is faithful! This weekend during worship at church God was speaking so clearly to me. Luckily I could hear Him over the sobbing LOL I am grateful for how loud it is whereas I was literally on my face crying out to God. In that moment I felt like David in some of the Psalms when he is so over it all he simply screams out for God. Then a surprising event occurred when the message from Pastor Jimmy Evans was on David. Aside from that subtle confirmation God reiterated some things He had been trying to get me to hear for a couple weeks. First, he reaffirmed His faithfulness. He was telling me to let go of things and trust in Him. He reminded me that I never walk alone and He is always with me. It was comforting. In that moment I could feel the hand of God reaching deep down into my soul and pulling the roots out. It was painful (as it always is) but I know the end result is freedom I have never known. Those areas are still sore and easily hurt just as with any fresh wound, but the healing process is something I am excited about.

     Another message the Lord has been repeating to me over the last two weeks is "I AM the lover of your soul." This amazes me! In the world it is not difficult to find an individual that loves your Spirit whereas our Spirits are beautiful things once Jesus Christ renews them! It is even an easy task to find someone in the world to love our body. But, to find someone that loves my soul...
You do not know what is in this soul. It is much cleaner than it was three years ago; even one year ago for that matter, but there is some disgusting things in this soul of mine. The fact that He loves my soul is so incredible to me. This same soul that in the past lead others astray, this same soul that continues to this day to hurt others (albeit unintentionally). He is the lover of my soul! He has communicated this to me through four or five different songs; some of them I have heard several times before and never even realized that statement was contained within the lyrics. It has been in messages being preached when I turned on the radio driving to work. I think He was truly wanting me to get the point...and I have.

     Then today I had three different friends (none of which know one another) reach out to me simply to give me encouraging words and see how I am doing. All of them acting out of obedience from the Lord putting me on their heart. Then even as I was leaving the gym today an acquaintance of mine came in and spoke even more life into to me.

     Well, that is all I have for you this time around. Hope I did not bore you, I just felt the need to share these things. God bless anyone reading this and may you feel the peace and love of our heavenly Father.


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