Sanatory movements...

     The removal of weeds within my soul is a painful thing, but ever so worth the freedom it brings and the healing that follows. Progressive sanctification is such a beautiful thing. There are many different ways people reference this work of the Lord. The "peeling of layers like an onion" and "softening the heart and removing scar tissue" to name a couple; in this case I am using the analogy of removing weeds from our lives. Just as in the physical realm when you takeover a rental property that was not maintained you will not eliminate all weeds in one attempt without further damaging the lawn. My soul was full of overgrown weeds and other garbage because rather than stewarding my body, soul, and Spirit as a gift I treated them all more like a rental property for a number of years. In the same way God will not remove every weed in our life at once whereas we would likely not survive such an action from such a glorious being. He will remove some weeds from our souls and then allow time for healing and further growth in our relationship with Him.

      However, there are ways in which we can assist in the process. Have you ever been out in the yard and the weeds kept breaking at the root? What was your plan? I believe it would be safe for me to assume you planned to water your lawn once or twice daily. Then you can see if the moist soil will release the weed, root and all. 

     Spiritually there are ways we can keep the soil of our souls moist. Praise, worship, reading the Word, and prayer. These can all combine to create an atmosphere full of "Spiritual rain". 

     Then through relationships (work related, dating/marriage, family, etc.) things will occur which will evoke emotions and draw up insecurities from our past. At that time we should get away from everything and ask God what is causing these feelings/emotions. Be diligent in this time and wait for God to show you the root cause.  I have had God bring memories back to me that had long been forgotten and realize they have caused  decades of pain which I had (potentially) passed on to others out of my responses to situations. Just like the now famous quote "Free people free people, but hurt people hurt people". Once we acknowledge the root cause we can then ask God what lie we believed and ask Him for the truth. During this process He will wrap His loving hand around that weed and pull it out. Once it has been removed simply pray to God to fill that void with His Spirit and begin the healing process. Obviously this is a short overview of the process and it will differ for everyone whereas God loves you and knows you so well He will handle this process the best way for you. But, it is not complicated. At times, God will do an amazing work in the most calm, peaceful ways. There are a lot of resources out there for this; feel free to contact me if you are interested in some of my recommendations. 

     Below is a poem I enjoyed reading I found in a book which belonged to my grandmother who passed last year. I hope you enjoy it. 

Prayers Can't Be Answered Unless They Are Prayed

Life without purpose
          is barren indeed –
There can't be a harvest
          unless you plant a seed,
There can't be attainment
          unless there's a goal,
And man's but a robot
          unless there's a soul...
If we send no ships out
          no ships will come in,
And unless there's a contest
          nobody can win...
For games can't be won
          unless they are played,
And Prayers can't be answered
          unless they are prayed…
So whatever is wrong
          with your life today,
You'll find a solution
          if you kneel down and pray
Not just for pleasure         
          enjoyment and health,
Not just for honors
          and prestige and wealth...
But Pray for a Purpose
          to make life worth living,
And Pray for the Joy
          of unselfish giving,
For Great is your Gladness
          and Rich your Reward
When you make your Life's Purpose
          the choice of the Lord. 

                   - Helen Steiner Rice 


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