1. Every job I have ever had I show up early (95% o the time, and I never take extended breaks or lunches) I am the nerdy guy that co-workers love to

2. I love to put Sriracha Chili Sauce on just about anything! Jalapeños are good in just about any dish as well....I LOVE ME SOME SPICY!

3. From the ages of three to fifteen I spent most of my summers baling hay, milking cows, plowing fields, collecting eggs, feeding the livestock, etc. Yes I was raised a "good ol' boy" LOL

4. I also played several instruments from the age of twelve years old and on...I started with Piano, then Cornet, then Viola, then Guitar, then Bass Guitar, then some drums. I sat first chair most weeks in both band and orchestra. I wish I still had some instruments whereas I can honestly say I was musically gifted at that time in my life.

5. (When I can afford it) I get manicures and pedicures. LOL I hope any male friends of mine do not pull my man card...if they have not already done so....LMAO

6. WARNING:! YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THIS ONE!!! I pee in the I know it is not that bad; but I also know that this is a BIG no no to many people. But I figure I am saving the 2.2 gallons (1.7 gallons per flush after filling the empty half gallon milk jug and putting it in the toilet tank) per flush since I am already in the shower cleansing myself! It is environmentally friendly.

7. When I was thirteen years old I went to Peru for five weeks to do missionary work.

8. While I was in Peru I got to visit Machu Pichu which is the old Inca ruins! (One of these days I will finally scan the pictures and get them online.)

9. Until right before moving back to Texas earlier this year, I still had every electrical cord, adapter, etc. I had ever obtained. I finally went through and reduced my collection and organized it when packing for my move.

10. I used to participate in the rodeo when I was younger and actually had a cowboy hat, ironed jeans, and a big belt buckle! For bloggers...probably like so what? For anyone that knows me in real life...well they probably do not even believe half the things I wrote in this post. But they are ALL FACTUAL and about me. 


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