Random thoughts (that I think are WEIRD)...

Well, now that individuals actually exist that reach the point of boredom to visit (and read) my blog I feel obligated to post now...lol Being that I am by no means a star free-lance writer I decided to post some random thoughts.

1. Does anyone else find it strange that nine-year-old boy would tongue kiss a four-year-old girl in the day care center at the gym you work out at? I do an it happened to my yoga instructor's daughter....WEIRD

2. Does it make sense for a singles group to have a rule against it's members dating? In order to give "full disclosure" this is a singles fellowship group at the church I am a member of..but still?!?! God works in mysterious ways...what if there is a man and women in attendance and their getting married is in God's plan? I know, I know...if it is God's plan it will happen anyway; but does this rule not seem strange to anyone else? (Maybe I am just WEIRD) LOL

3. I play in a flag football league in Sundays and we welcome females to join as well. One in particular comes out almost every Sunday and plays while her husband watches their child on the sideline...very cool. One of the guys will often times bring out his girlfriend as well and she will play. She was not there this morning so I asked, "Where is your girl?" to which he replied "She is upset with me because I slept in, which is why I was late. She said she needed more time to get ready." That is where I became perplexed...why does a woman "need time to get ready" for football? To me that is like the women that come to the gym with their hair all done and styled and makeup properly placed wherever it belongs, and wearing their expensive stylish (non-workout clothing). Maybe I am just a guy that knows nothing...but to me this is WEIRD.

4. (a) A few of you know that I recently moved and just got a new job which I will begin tomorrow. With that being said it makes perfectly good sense that I have spent the last couple of months searching, applying, and interviewing for jobs. Whereas technology (the internet in particular) has made the function of job hunting much easier. I find it frustrating when you have to go to a company's web site and upload your resume and then fill out their application on line. It is the same information. Then once it is all completed you do not even get a response? Why not wait until I have at least interviewed to have me waste my time filling out redundant information? Oh well I guess it has taught me to be more patient (something I need to work on coincidentally enough). But still...WEIRD.

4. (b) Another con to this newly found technological world. It has also grown increasingly more difficult to get in for an interview. I blame this in part to the ease of access to apply for jobs via the internet. I think many employers are likely inundated with potential employees resumes/applications which could easily cause a well qualified individuals credential to become cryptic in a sense. Sure I have had three jobs in the previous three years...but I have also attained two degrees, both times graduating in the top of my class, inducted into three National Honor Societies, among other great accomplishments. I also hold impeccable attendance at both school and previous places of employment; and also have great references from all previous employers. In addition, I have also moved twice in the last two years. Now do not get me wrong I have been in a position to interview people for jobs before and I can imagine how the frequent moves and change of jobs can look to a hiring manager and/or Human Resources. But with all of the other accomplishments I would want to bring them in for an interview. But did I get the opportunity? Rarely. That is one of my strengths anyway is selling myself once face-to-face. I just find the lack of face-to-face meetings in this day and age....WEIRD.

4. (c) I just remembered another thing I find WEIRD (and extremely rude) on the topic of job hunting. Not once, but twice (yes twice) I was in an interview for a job and the person interviewing me would be texting (and/or emailing) someone from their phone throughout the interview. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What in the hell has the "professional" world come to? Now some of you may be saying that they simply did not want to hire me so were going about their business as usual until they came to s topping point. well, to you I can proudly say that I was offered both positions. Of course I did not accept either. It reflected very poorly on the organization and the manager interviewing me. Why would I want to work there. What if I had been doing the same thing during the interview? I bet I would not have been offered the job then...right? Anyway, people becoming so busy that they must disrespect someone that has taken time out of their day and possibly driven a long distance to interview? WEIRD.


Determined said…
1. Yes, that is strange. They must be watching someone else do that, maybe on TV

2. Wow, that's a strange one. Why can't the members date each other? I think that it's probably because they feel that it would ruin the group - sort of like what dating people at work does. lolol

3. I agree. Sometimes at the gym, I see women running on the threadmill with their hair loose. I don't understand that mentality either. If it's hot, my hair is going up! No way will I get uncomfortable to look pretty at the gym. lol, that;s not why I go there.

4. Yeah, I agree. I hate the sites where even after you upload your resume, it comes out all wrong and then you have to spend an enormous amount of time editing it. lol

4b. LOLOL, very true. That's technology for you!

4c. true. I've been on interviews where people have been very late - over an hour late. I know that people are busy, but my goodness, an hour late is just too much.

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