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I am a male and I am You ask why I would start an entry out with that...well because I have actually found some great stuff (Mainly having to do with cooking) on the web site I found it through another blog I was reading one day. Hell, I did not even realize it was founded, created, and designed for women until I had already registered after getting some great stuff off the site on Anyway, now for the point of this blog below is an entry (yes I was given permission to repost) from a blog I enjoy reading that has to do with bullies.

The post where I finally get sued

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Are you following me on twitter? If not, you missed the mini-rants that made Victor have to hide the knives last week. Here’s a taste:

**For some reason, my fave site (sk*rt) is changing their name. On an entirely unrelated note, I HATE Skirt! Magazine.**

**For those of you who are confused on the two skirt references of my last twitter, let me elaborate…**

**…Skirt! Magazine is a giant, pushy corporation that sucks ass and might give you VD. (In my opinion.) **

** is an amazing website run by 3 amazing women and they rescue kittens in their spare time. And perform miracles on crippled dogs.**

**You should help find a new name and you should burn down kiosks that offer skirt! magazine. Metaphorically speaking, of course. **

Many of you questioned what the deal was with these insane ravings. You can read about it here. Basically Skirt! Magazine is a free mag like the penny saver that talks like it’s all about girl power but is owned and controlled mainly by dudes who like to sue my friends. My friends started which is an awesome website that’s like digg for girls and promotes chicks (including myself) and then many, many months later Skirt! Magazine buys and decides to sue for the name. (Keep in mind that sk-rt is more popular than Skirt! Mag and Sk-rt is all “Hey, why don’t we throw some parties together! Girl power! We’re advertising you for free! Have a cupcake!” and Skirt! Mag is all “Sure! But first we’ll steal your design and sic our condescending lawyers on you since you’re a bunch of stupid girls with no money. Have a cupcake (filled with poison), stupid girls!” Then when Skirt! mag loses their dumbass lawsuit (because they are obviously TOTALLY in the wrong) Skirt! just threatens to keep on suing and making my friend’s lives hell because they are a huge company with money to burn and they know that my friends are just three friends who started a website for fun and don’t want to have to deal with this kind of crap. So rather than spend their kid’s college funds in legal bills my friends decided to just change their name because they don’t want to deal with the negativity anymore. I, on the other hand, wallow in negativity for fun and can’t stand the idea of these hypocritical assholes getting away with being all “Girl power!” while suing the very women who embody “girl power”. If you have skirt! mag on your blogroll I’d encourage you to delete like I did. I encourage you to write about it and to get the word out that bullying isn’t right and that you can’t hide behind a ”we love women!” facade while secretly sending out horrible threatening letters to awesome chicks without that sort of nasty behavior getting noticed. I’m not sure how long this post will stay up before I get some sort of threatening letter myself but at least I’ll know that I got the word out to a few people and really, at the rate this company is going, we’re all going to be sued by them eventually anyway. In fact, if you are even wearing a skirt right now I think you’re pretty much fucked.

Bullying is wrong, whether it’s in the schoolyard, the workplace or the boardroom, and like my mama always said, “If you stand up to a big bully you’ll see the real small person hiding behind the facade”. And she’s right because if you peek under Skirt! Mags skirt all you’re going to see is a dick. (Actually a bunch of dicks if you want to get all technical.)

Anyway, has shed it’s skirt and is now which is a better name anyway and in honor of the new name I’m taking off my skirt too. Yay for public indecency!

kirtsy! kirtsy! kirtsy!

And just so that you don’t get them confused…

Skirt! Mag = Assholes who probably have tiny penises.

Kirtsy = Fabulous website that you should be using to promote your own writing and to discover awesome crap and was started by these three chicks who I know in real life and who kick ass and do not have penises:


PS. If you write about this leave me a link in the comments and I will totally pimp it out here.

PPS. All of this is completely my opinion and as far as I know Skirt! Mag didn’t actually give anyone poisoned cupcakes even though I bet they totally wanted to.

Updated: Holy crap, people. Twitter is abuzz with this and new posts keep coming out. Just a few: Riveter Girl, Imelda Bettinger, TLC, Daria, Kelby Carr, Viva La Feminista, Gwen Bell, Chris Heuer, South End Blend, Pensieve and Dutch Blitz. Power to the people, y’all."


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