Admonishment of excuses...

I want to challenge you all today to make yourself aware of your surroundings. No I am not tripping on acid; just stay with me here. Really tune in and focus on everyone around you today. Keep track of how many excuses are made by individuals. Maybe a co-worker was late to work, maybe your spouse forgot to run an errand for you, or maybe you did not go to the gym (again) and make excuses for your self. The possibilities are endless as I am sure you can imagine. point is this; I think we will all realize (and further affirm) that excuses are abundant in our lives.

How we got to this point with such a lack of accountability is beyond me. It is like the old saying about the frog. Throw him in boiling water and he will fight and jump to get out. Put him in cool water and slowly turn up the heat he will swim around gleefully until well done. I think this is how our society has gotten to where it is because the change has been so gradual over several decades. I digress...

What we all need to try to do (because we can only control ourselves) is stop with the excuses and seek excellence. If we strive for excellence in all thast we do then there would be no need for excuses.

I could ramble on some more, but I will leave you all with that and you can figure it out in your own way. Good luck with all your future endeavors.


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