Vehement denial...

sometimes I think that this is what individuals are trying to push one into doing. Call it human kind or call it the devil; but it seems that when someone lives in a sanguine manner you can be approached in droves with people questioning your integrity and motives for what it is that you do. The best part is how they will all have pow wows and discuss YOU before discussing the said topic with YOU. Can someone explain how that works? At that point I am certain that opinions are being shared and in turn manipulating the opinions of those around them. The next thing you know you have a group of people that all have a dark and twisted opinion of an individual that was simply living a positive life all the while minding their own business.

Oh there I answered my own question.

People should learn to mind their own business or to approach the individual or group in question...there is no better place to go for answers than the source!


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