It is so easy...

to make a difference in this world. At what point did our society begin to believe that it was so difficult? The smallest things can make the biggest impact in our world. There is a story from someone I know about how a flight had been overbooked and the employee of the airlines responsible for getting everyone taken care of was positive, nice, and encouraging to everyone. Evidentially, once on the plane he was helping an elderly woman to her seat and once he had done so the back of the cabin erupted in applause. At that point a gentleman sitting in first class then stood up commending the young man and telling him that he was not paid enough and that he should be in management for the airlines. Now you want to know what he did that made everyone so happy? Do you want to know the secret?

He was kind and joyful.

Yes that is it. He was simply doing his job but being kind and joyful while doing so. That is all it takes. I believe that we all underestimate our powers as human beings. We are ALL powerful. Our attitudes and emotions can greatly effect those around us and make a difference. Below is a video of a man that made a difference in his community as well with a simple action...a hug. Sure we do not all have the time to do something like that; but do we all honestly not have the time to change our attitudes? Think about it.


Meg Kelso said…
What a lovely post!

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