Sirius embryonic growth...

It is official, the FCC approved the acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XM) by Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (Sirius). I for one am happy, relieved and a bit confused as to why it took so long. Sometimes I believe our government spends far too much time on matters other organizations could take care of and resolve. For example, while Congress is holding cases about steroids, and presidential nominees are running around as though they election has already been won; we have a credit crisis on our hands, large financial institutions folding, and other countries (primarily India and China) on their way to surpassing us in technology and medicine in the next 10 - 15 years. Oops...I digress...

Many of you know that I have been a lifetime Sirius subscriber for several years now (glad I locked in my lifetime subscription before the Both companies have been experiencing severe losses annually since their inception into the entertainment industry. I think that this will be great for the satellite radio company whereas 2009 should show their first year of profits! As of today, the only downfall I can see to this new beginning is that they could lose out on renewal of some of their contracts. Howard Stern, NFL radio, NASCAR, etc. Sirius previously won most of the battles when XM was in the mix of battling for those contracts. Now the competition (in satellite radio) has been eradicated. I understand that you have traditional radio, Internet radio, HD radio, podcasts, etc. that is where my concern begins. These other forms of entertainment have not experienced years of losses like Sirius and XM. They will have more expendable funds available at the time of renewal . Previously, satellite radio enticed Howard Stern to join them mainly in part to the FCC regulation (or lack thereof) and his ability to be more vulgar and curse without any financial repercussions/fines. With the growing popularity of podcasts the same can be done. Additionally, he could do these himself and cut out the middle man in the process. Podcasts are low costs, easy to do, and can be done by virtually anyone with proper equipment (most of which is included when you purchase a new computer).

*Steps down from the soap box*

Well, I will stop for now. If you are still reading and bored to tears then I apologize...I am even beginning to bore myself. But those of you that know me personally you know that I am a nerd and this is one of the many abstract things that I enjoy reading (And evidentially now writing) about...LOL. I am trying to put more thought into my writings and make it more enjoyable to readers. I hope that over the next few months you can all witness progression. I also hope you all enjoy your weekend!

*UPDATE* (7/28/08)
Here is a great article on the topic.


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