Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google is watching...

anyone that knows me in real life knows that I am one of the biggest Google advocates on earth. In fact most people that meet me also ask me why I do not work for Google in their marketing department. Well, I wish I knew...I am sure the several times I have sent in my resume just blends in with the other 4,000 resumes that they receive daily. Additionally, I am sure that my resume is highly unimpressive to them. On paper I would not appear to have anything to provide as far as being an asset to their marketing department. I am an extrovert, a people person, I need an outside marketing Anyway...the whole point of this post was not for me to toot my horn about how I am such a wonderful (self proclaimed) marketer for Google. The reason for this post is this hilarious video I cam across. We all (I hope) know abnout the controversy of the cars that take the street view pictures for Goole maps/earth. Check out this video.

*UPDATE: You have got to go check out the other (Google) videos they made in addition to the one above at the website! TOO FUNNY!!!!


Determined said...

Google is wonderful to work with. They give you free lunch, lots of time off and great benefits! They have offices by where I am, and I've tried to apply myself, but you can imagine how my resume also blends in with the other 4,000 a month. lolol

It would nice to work in their Youtube or Adsense division. I just love that kind of stuff.

ImNoBetterThanU said...

They also pick up and drop off their employees. Not only do they provide free lunch but the cafeteria is open all day and some employees even load up and take food home. You can get free food anytime, not just lunch time. Stock options, free massage, 20% of your time can be devoted to personal projects as well.