Professional implacability that leads to divorce and Mattel Electronics...

They truly have nothing in common but I am feeling lazy today and did not want to add two new posts. And honestly I have been waiting for a while to blog about Intellivision in hopes of coming up with some witty/comical post for you all to read. Well, sorry...I got nothin'. Suck it up and keep reading folks, you came this far did you not?

I ran across some interesting information today...Medical field(s) with the highest divorce rate: psychiatrists and marriage counselors.

I just found that interesting (however not surprised).

...on a lighter note...

Golly, gee, Wally

Do any of the rest of you remember (or did you also own) the kick ass gaming console called 'Intellivision'?I did and it was awesome!! It played very well on our 18 year old RCA television as well. Remember the RCA TVs that would outlive your family pets? Yeah, those were cool too. Then some genius notified our consumer electronic companies that if they build them to last for so long we will not purchase more. Some would like to be angry with intelligent, business minded people that bring about change. I...wish I could do that myself.


Determined said…
LOLOL - do you remember Coleco Vision?? How about Atari 5200?

I still remember how excited I got when the 5200 came out! I remember the pacman game looked so close to the real thing!

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