Contradictory oxymoron?

Notice that I stated I was being lazy in my previous post? Well, I have spent the last several hours working on my blog design now. Did I snag a free template from the web? Of course I did but I have since been tweaking it to make it my own. I also stated in my previous post that I did not want to post two posts today...well here that is. Anyway...

the reason I am writing this post is because I almost went back and deleted a couple of my recent posts. Just as I was about to permanently remove them from existence I stopped. Is that not part of the greatness of blogs? A few months, years, or decades down the road we can look back and reflect on these periods of our life. Who knows one day I may become a good free lance writer...LOL. If that does happen to occur then I can look back and laugh at these posts. (although I am sure I will either way)

Now that I wasted more of your precious life I am going to bed.


Determined said…
I like the new setting, but I need sunglasses! :)

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