Monday, July 21, 2008

I need a new horse carriage...

because I have a long journey ahead of me now. Today it was confirmed that I am a father! Now why a new horse carriage? Because I need something durable, I have missed out on the the first three and half years of his life. It has not completely sunk in so I have a lot to do which is obvious. This will truly be a turning point in my life that God will have to guide me through in order to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible. His birthday is three days after mine! Oh how I wish I could hold him now. My own flesh and crazy is that? One of the greatest things about this entire situation is his mother is approaching this situation with the mindset of collaboration, not isolation. How amazing is that?
At a point in my life where I was beginning to humble myself and possibly take it too far by it leading to a feeling of insignificance, I am given the good news. There is nothing insignificant at all about being a father! I am working to control a dollop of desperation that I feel to get there as soon as possible to hold him in my arms.

*OK Jeremy breath deeply just as his mother stated*

I am feeling so overwhelmed (but in a good way). I just know that my life is going to get better every single day from here on out. I have no more excuses to mess around and not give 100% to bettering myself and moving forward. Convoluted thought of joy, happiness, and excitement are running rampant through my entire physical being.
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