Tribal neophyte...

I feel that the title explains where I am at in life currently. I feel much like a neophyte...
For over a decade I used drugs, sex, alcohol, and other things to be what made me whole in life. All the while fighting and denying what I knew was right and going with the wrong. I have regrets? NO.
Do I wish I had done things differently? Oftentimes I do.
Do I dwell on the past and let it affect where I am currently. NO.

Did I learn from my past? Absolutely!
Do I have a TON more to learn? OH Yeah!

My point is that we all have done things we should not have done. We have all done things that we may not be proud of. (If you try to say that you have not done the are lying, which you should not do).

Well I wish I could make more of a point here but I can not. I guess this post is more for me to look back on in a few years and say "hmmmm"

the whole reason I started to write this post was to mention how great the show I saw to night was! I went to Seekers Coffee House in Hurst this evening and saw Remnant Tribe. Great band, great music, and great message. I would highly recommend checking them out. I think people of all ages can appreciate their music. I hope you enjoy.


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